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Faces of New York

An exhibition of photographs by Alan Clements

NYC images

29 August – 14 October 2020

The Station, Richmond

10 am to 7 pm

About the photographer

I am a retired professor of computer science and now concentrate on the two passions in my life – travel and photography. In the last few years I’ve travelled to places like New York, Tokyo, Death Valley, Venice and Berlin; always taking my cameras with me.

Currently, my work focuses on three main subjects: events, architecture and landscape. I’ve regularly attended the Venice Carnival, the Leipzig Wave-Gotic-Treffen festival, the Whitby Goth Weekend, the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, and the New York Pride March. In September 2018, I spent three weeks in Utah photographing the desert wilderness, both from the ground and from the air.

Faces of New York  contains a selection of images that I’ve taken in New York, a city that I have visited every summer for a decade. Why am I so interested in New York?

Cities are like Martinis; they can be shaken or stirred. A “shaken” city has been thoroughly homogenized and is the same in any direction. Go around the corner and you see again what you’ve just seen. New York has been lightly stirred and its ingredients haven’t been reduced to a homogenous mass. Go around a corner in New York and you are in a different world.

New York is a city of differences. Architecture ranges from proud Victorian engineering masterpieces to sleek shiny skyscrapers that blend in with the sky. People vary from district to district; a long walk in New York can take you through many “villages”, each with its own culture, food, art and dress.

My small exhibition attempts to display some of New York’s diversity of people, culture and art.


1948  Born Warrington, Lancashire, UK

1977  Appointment as Lecturer at Teesside University, moves to Middlesbrough

2000 Sabbatical teaching at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, USA

2001  Purchases first digital camera

2007 Visiting professor in Havana, Cuba – makes three trips to Havana  

2008 Retires from post of Professor of Computer Science at University of Teesside

2016 First major UK exhibition of photographs in Newton Aycliffe in the North East

2017 Exhibition in Frigiliana, Spain

2018 Exhibition in Venice

2019 Exhibition at the Asylum Gallery, Wolverhampton

Today Travels widely, buys more cameras, photographs everything

NYC images

Modified 14 Dec 2020

Grandfather and son on the Staten Island Ferry